Child Survival Program

2013-11-03 01.26.39Graduates of our partner “Child Survival Program” near Madhupur, India tell their stories through music and dance. Each woman in this photo came four days each month for three years to learn about childbirth, baby, and family care. In their region, almost 60% of all babies die before reaching age two.  Instead, their three-year-old children joined them (see below).

55 new women now attend the classes, using stories, pictures, songs, and dialogue.  Experts say 67% of the world’s population learns through non-literate, oral methods.

2013-11-03 01.03.16
While most of these pastors are also literate, they exclusively use orality based training to bring the Gospel and to disciple members of these new churches.


Their marriages are arranged by parents or relatives without any input from them.  Their average age is under 18.*  Most never attend school or receive a formal education.  They learn from mothers and grandmothers just like them.  These are the young mothers in Jharkhand, India.


That’s why an oral based “Child Survival Program” has such an impact on their lives and those of their families.  29 healthy and happy three-year-olds were the November graduation proof (“graduation proof” isn’t a noun that makes sense…) that they have succeeded in breaking free from the old ways.


Though most still live with non-Christian husbands, they and their children are now the light of Christ to their homes and villages.


* India times, 10/31/13 re: Jharkhand state