“Faith Time” TV Series

One of the premier teachers and authors in the United States has joined L.I.O.N. Outreach to help build our Biblical and Theological Leadership Training resources.

Dr. Edward G. Dobson serves as an advisory editor for Christianity Today Magazine and as a consulting editor for Leadership Magazine. He was named “Pastor of the Year” by Moody Bible Institute and is author of numerous books including “Blinded by Might” and “Starting a Seeker Sensitive Service.”

Initial topics of Dr. Dobson’s television teaching series called “Faith Time,” include a 14-part series on Healing, a Biblical study of the church, discipleship, baptism, and who Jesus is.

Produced by Rev. Jerry Vreeman, the messages are delivered in a casual setting with immediate Tamil translation by Mano Daniel of Tamil-Nadu, India. 30 programs have already been edited for translation into multiple languages.

The series are intended for broadcast across India television. Many are also available through the internet. These programs are also the foundation of a new video training library in Chennai, India.

An additional 20-part series with Dr. Dobson is scheduled for completion soon.
Depending on financial support for L.I.O.N., plans are also being made for a major series produced on location in Israel, Sudan and Nigeria.
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Production for these videos also in partnership with LNN Television.