Treasure Training



Initially through 1,000 selected leaders, Treasure Training seeks to develop our audiovisual Biblical training material into multiple media & launch unique distribution and discipleship in India.


30 half-hour video programs from the “Faith Time” Television program featuring Dr. Ed Dobson and Mano Daniel will be released on DVD in Tamil & English with supplementary printed booklets, student guides, and leadership training materials. Audio versions of the programs will also be placed on The Treasure tool, complementing the Biblical material. The Treasure Training program will be launched through several on site 2-day seminars with key LIOs. (Leaders in Obscurity). Upon certification, each leader will receive a Treasure as a personal training and motivational tool. Additional support to the LIOs will be made available through a web site and downloadable supplements.

These trained LIOs will then use the teaching tools in their own churches, train other leaders, and promote additional distribution to other organizations and individuals.



This project is a partnership with World Mission of Grand Rapids, Michigan. World Mission provides education about the Word of God along with missionary support and training to “un-reached” people groups worldwide. World Mission is the primary distributor of The Treasure throughout the world.

Our L.I.O.N. Outreach team is responsible for the production of the videos, books, on site training, management, and distribution.

World Mission originally produced The Treasure in Tamil, the language of the state of Tamil-Nadu in Southern India. Each unit includes the New Testament, “God Story,” (an 80-minute audio panorama of the Bible), and the entire “Divine Healing” series from the “Faith Time” Television program  — 16 messages in audio form.

It is our prayer that this project may grow so we can reach the other major language groups in India, particularly Hindi, Malayalam, and Telegu.

About the size of a cell phone, The Treasure is a convenient tool both for training and for sharing The Gospel in audio form.

We are also praying that as God raises the support for this partnership in India, it will be the first of many countries to come!


Testimony from the Field  –  Rev. Sundar Samuel

My church is Peace Gospel Church. There are 25 families in my church.

I have 25 young people. We do gospel ministry every week as well as a childrens ministry.

I participated in the LION Treasure Training program in Yelegrie.

It was a blessing personally to me. When I went home and taught, it was a great blessing to my Church family too. We also play something on The Treasure every morning at home – my wife, my children – it is very helpful.

As I have learned, I was also able to teach them as well.

Some new things that I had learned was that all sickness was started with Adam’s sin. In our country out people think that God punishes people. But, sickness in this world entered through Adam’s sin and we are now able to teach the people the truth.”

Have you been able to use the DVDs?

I have trained my staff who are with me and partnering with me, my fellow workers, and the heads of my family. I have taken these DVDs to families who have TVs and played it for them. I am able to conduct meetings in their homes. They are very much thrilled to hear the messages and are blessed by them.”

How are you using the Treasure?

I always keep the Treasure in my bag. I play it on the bus and trains. When I play it, the people who are traveling alongside me ask me what I’m doing. So, I’m able to share the Gospel and message of healing with them.”

Would you like more training like this?

We want to thank LION, thank Dr. Dobson, and Mano Daniel for translating. We would be able to use as many CDs and DVDs you can give us for our ministries.”